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Ready to stop wasting time

and money with little coming in?

Stop trying to fight your way out of your “to-do” list.


You deserve to…

Gain clarity

Find direction

Beat overwhelm

Grow your business


What if you had a DREAM TEAM--

Eight business coaches,

Each with their own success story,

Putting their skills to work for your business,

--For less than the price of one coach?



At S.A.M. Mastermind,

your “Dream Team,”

is your REAL Team.


Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling with all the "to-dos" to run a successful business?

Do you feel isolated sitting behind your computer every day and fearful that you just wont' make it as a business owner?

Stressed Man

Have you dreamt of having a team of experts to help run your business but don't have the thousands of dollars to hire them all?

...Even BETTER! What IF there was a "Dream Team" that cost less than hiring just one coach?

Simplify. Accelerate. Monetize.

Stressed Woman

Are you frustrated, in 'overwhelm' or confused with what to do first?

Wasting time and money with little coming in?

Perhaps you've owned your business for awhile but it feels more like a hobby and you are ready to get off the roller coaster and make a significant income?


A team of experts dedicated to your success

Our eight experts collaborate to focus on growing YOUR business.

Progressive, step-by-step business training

for success.

Community, collaboration and life long friendships.

Join the Mastermind family in our private Facebook team room.

Ten weeks of accountability, support and encouragement.

Track progress, celebrate successes, and strategize to reach your goals.

Our systematic training approach uses a building blocks method to keep you on track.

Value driven, affordable program with big results.

Don’t just take our word for it. See our client testimonials!

Virtual Work Sessions

Weekly Zoom calls every Tuesday to work on your business.

It’s all recorded, so you can watch the calls later!

Structured for Success

In each session, we share goals, successes, and areas for improvement.

Accountability partners work together to check off important To-Do items.

Build a Foundation

Reach your Target Income and create a business and life you love.

Expert Trainings

Mindset for Success

Vision and Goals

Money and Metrics

Time and Systems Efficiency

Sales Conversions

Relationships and Networking

Social Media and Branding

Media Exposure

Strategic Action Plans


Your Team of Experts


Your Team of Experts

Carey Conley

Co-Founder | Group Leader
Vision & Niche

As an entrepreneur and coach for over 25 years, Carey helps small business owners create clear, concise visions for their lives and business.

She is driven to help entrepreneurs succeed by guiding them to define their purpose, break through barriers, and craft simple plans of action.

She is always search for new pathways and communities to help people of all walks of life find the training to support their continued success!

She is the author of ‘Vision is Victory’, has held her own annual events, and often appears in radio shows and podcasts as the expert in Vision and Purpose.

Lori Hildebrand

Co-Founder | Group Leader
Networking, Action and Money Metrics

Lori teaches women how to strategically build businesses and lives that make them feel proud.  She is an international speaker, trainer, and personal consultant for women who know they want to make more money doing what they love!


Lori is a successful single Mom of two young boys.  After a 15 year corporate career in the stock trading and wealth planning world, Lori founded LHB Consulting to inspire women to successfully build their businesses and increase long term income while nurturing themselves and their families.


Lori has delivered her successful money mindset and skillset training with Smith Barney Women’s groups, Washington Mutual Investments, Morgan Stanley, Global Life Vision, and 100 Humanitarians. She is a certified Startup Expert from Top 6 International, founder of Utah Leading Ladies, and a supporter of women’s business and networking groups across the country.

She is always looking for new ways to help lift up other women in business!

Liz Illg

Time & Systems Expert

Liz Illg helps small business owners reclaim their time and empower their people with clear, consistent systems.


She is the Owner of Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting with five locations in the Phoenix area.


Now, as a Business Consultant & Messaging Strategist, Liz is passionate about helping you delegate, step back, and share your vision with the world.


Her specialties include saving time with streamlined systems and engaging audiences in a compelling external message. That means she can assist with everything from training manuals to website messaging and beyond!

Didi Wong

Messaging to Monetize

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi Wong is a multi award winning international speaker, film/ TV producer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor with expertise in the industries of entrepreneur education, entertainment, event planning, public speaking, business mentoring, interior design and real estate.


Didi is the Founder and CEO of The Yes Academy, a results and success driven educational program for entrepreneurs, focusing on confidence, connections and cash flow.   Didi and her husband Michael own an interior design company J2D2 Designs, where they have completed full multi-million dollar renovations with the design focus on their signature transitional style and Feng Shui. They are also seasoned real estate investors.


Didi is an Executive Producer alongside Larry King in a television show called "In Case You Didn't Know with Nick Nantion" on Amazon Prime Video.  She is the Producer and lead in a conscious television show called "Awakening Giants", currently in its second season where entrepreneurs are stretched to their limits in personal transformation, directed by seven-time Emmy Award winning producer Evan Weinstein of "The Amazing Race." She has also begun the film "The Million Dollar Woman" about women empowerment as an Executive Producer and host.


Didi's multiple civic and philanthropic affiliations include sitting on the board of Cedars Sinai Hospital’s Obstetrics Patient and Family Care Council, sitting on the Millennial board of the Unstoppable Foundation and is the Head of the All Ladies League Women Economic Forum, Los Angeles Chapter. Didi is a judge on the #1 digital record-breaking business show "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch."  She is also currently filming the feature movie documentary "Impact" about her life as a public speaker, due to be released in late 2019/ early 2020.


She is a best selling author of "Success Breakthroughs" coauthored with Jack Canfield.  She has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Bravo, E! and Fox.  She was recently featured as a top entrepreneur in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Didi is the recipient of the highest level award of “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” from the Women Economic Forum that has 800 Chapters all over the world.  She has also been honored to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations, New York City.  Last December, she was given the Certificate of Recognition by the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for helping women entrepreneurs succeed. Her super powers lie in the fact that she manages her four children under the age of eight, including a set of identical twins and all her projects, always with a smile on her face.  


Didi says, “Raising four kind, respectful and all- rounded humans is truly more challenging than managing a multi-million dollar company!”

Angel Tuccy

Media Exposure

Making an impact is about sharing your purpose, gaining exposure, and giving back to the world.


Our resident expert in media and marketing, Angel, went from being a stay-at-home mom to being voted as Influential Woman Leader of the Year. She uses her media background to help entrepreneurs to gain visibility, increase media exposure, get published and become best selling authors.


Many of Angel’s clients have launched their media and speaking careers, been invited to speak on stages, and created profitable revenue streams. Angel helps you draw out your powerful story, craft it in a way that appeals to media, and create more exposure for your brand.

Jena Rodriguez

Brave Mindset for Success Expert

Jena Rodriguez, a Transformational Mentor, helps people get radically brave in their life and biz. She helps crack open the nuances of your ego mind which keeps you playing small and "safe" so that your higher self can be in the driver’s seat. It's about fear eradication, self leadership, mindset mastery, emotional IQ, and being a BRAVE MASTER! Strategy and information are insufficient for permanent change to occur; you must outsmart your ego! 

Over the last 20 plus years, she has gone from homeless (sleeping on couches) to Senior Controller in the corporate world only to desire more and take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. In 2007, however, her first business failed…with $700,000 in debt, she had to file bankruptcy. 

She has since thrived over the last 13 years as an entrepreneur, and is now a Transformation Mentor and Business Growth Strategist with her company Brave Masters which has generated over $1.6 million in the last 4.5 years. Jena helps entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide scale and monetize their passions, overcome their fears, and unpack their natural gifts to live out their greatest potential.  Jena is also happily married of 18 years and has two amazing children, 14 and 22 years of age!

If Jena can go from financially and spiritually bankrupt to being a successful entrepreneur and transparent truth teller, she can help you shift from struggling TO claiming your power, your confidence and taking result-derived actions in your life and business! 

Jena moves you from being stuck at a plateau in your business/life TO growing and scaling up! It's time to get your BRAVE ON!

Angela Totman

Financial Foundations Expert

Angela Totman is the Vice President and COO at Pay Your Family First and has worked for and with world class entrepreneurs and notable brands such as Rich Dad, Sharon Lechter,  Think and Grow Rich for Women, Best from the Nest and SlumberPod. Specializing in operational strategy and execution, she has been a part of and led teams in nearly all categories of business processes. 

With her tactical guidance, businesses Angela has worked with have successfully executed on new product development and launch, content creation and leveraging, marketing campaign implementation, improved cash flow forecasting, accounting and sales reporting as well as brand management and quality control.

Angela has successfully prepared clients for Shark Tank, negotiated speaker agreements as well as managed licensing compliance for products in over 50 languages and 100 countries. She is the co-author of Your Financial Mastery, a college level financial literacy curriculum and is also a featured contributor in Think and Grow Rich for Women, written by international bestselling author, Sharon Lechter, in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Deyder Cintron

Media Specialist

Deyder is the top branding, social media & marketing consultant for coaches that are ready to go BIG with their impact and their revenue through online courses.

His specialization involves helping you grow a highly engaged online audience, so that you can monetize and scale your business beyond 7 figures a year faster. Whether you’re just starting out with 0 followers or you already have thousands of followers, he’ll show you new ways to turn more strangers into raving fans, and more raving fans into happy customers - at mass scale and at will. 

Learn the secret sauce for growing your audience (or overcoming the case of crickets if you already have one), the 3 pillars of effective content, strategies that make an audience want to share your posts and market for you, plus so much more! 


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Recorded video training created just for our S.A.M. Community from Sharon Lechter.

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  • How to create multiple streams of income within your business

  • The three Essential Components of a successful business

This bonus training alone is worth the investment in the entire program!


Sharon Lechter

Entrepreneur, NY Times Bestselling Author, International Speaker,

Business Mentor

New York Times Bestselling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and 22 other books including Think and Grow Rich for Women and Outwitting the Devil.

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